01/05/2018: Cool Like You (Deluxe) – Blossoms

So Blossoms’ time has come – the long anticipated second album. The time has to see if Blossoms’ are a long-standing band or just a fluke summer hit.

The record rips open with a soaring synth line which anyone would find hard not to feel elated by. ‘There’s a Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls)’ is a stand out track, so was a wise choice making it the opener. This could be released as a single and I think it would do spectacularly: it’s catchy, well-arranged and got substantial style to it. The first glimpse we got of this second album ‘I Can’t Stand It’ is up next. We are once again absorbed in the familiar Blossoms mixture of warm synths and groovy rhythms paired with a solid indie beat. Title track ‘Cool Like You’ has a production feel similar to Peace in the verses and intro but by the chorus we are definitely back in Blossoms land. Blossoms land is a great place to be, don’t get me wrong. The rest of the record has a mix of synth lines following the vocal line presented to us by front man Tom Ogden – a classic characteristic of Blossoms. But Ogden is exploring his falsetto range in ‘Unfaithful’ chorus which is hugely welcomed. ‘Stranger Still’ gives us the more melancholy track on the record (especially in the acoustic deluxe version) and ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ shows weird similarities to a particular Rolling Stones track.

Blossoms have got bigger – this album shows growth from the band in comparison to their first album. But also they’ve managed to maintain a style which is recognisable to them. The fact they’ve managed to achieve a recognisable style already is impressive alone. But is that all they’ve got in them?

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