03/09/2018: A Better Life – Spring King

‘A Better Life’ is ripping at the seams with snare-heavy drum grooves, grungy guitars and an array of different vocal layers. Spring King are back with their follow up album to ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ bringing in heavier sounds and heavier themes.

‘Animal’ gives us the classic Spring King crunchy vocal and an aggressive opening guitar riff which would be no stranger at a Spring King gig. It was no wonder this was the first single released from the album – it’s clearly a strong and valuable choice.

‘Let’s Drink’ is a favourite on the album. It’s a perfect mix between Circa Waves and The Big Moon with Britpop undertones but still gives the salt and pepper splashes of the Spring King we know and love. It celebrates the introvertism of people and shows even if a person wants to be by themselves they can still be having fun.

The album is rounded of by ‘Thunder’ – this is a Spring King ballad. Vocalist Tarek Musa presents his signature tone in a slightly calmer environment which is well welcomed. A strange choice to end a Spring King album, purely because they’re live shows always end with such a punch. But it sounds like they are continuing to broaden their sound and maybe this is a hint into the next album. It’s a cohesive album in a well put together order, although it is unsure if the intro (Static) and interlude (Lightning) are beneficial, it seems they could have used that time in the album more wisely.

Spring King have moved on in this album. They’ve evolved in production – more succinct layers and classier vocals, they’ve evolved in writing – slower, less frantic songs you can really sink your teeth into and enjoy in comparison to the fast non-stop train that was their debut. They’ve become more daring in their lyrics and it feels like they are writing about the issues they want to be writing about rather than just random scribbles they’ve noted down on a piece of paper.


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