04/12/2017: Bambino – Superfood

Its getting cold outside: cold fingers being pushed into coat pockets and the limited hours of daylight seamlessly turning into the dark evenings. As I was walking home in the dark I was longing for the long summer evenings to be back, but the closest thing I achieved was this set of summer anthemic pop anthems.

The introduction track ‘Where’s The Bass Amp?’ roots the whole feel of the album – a cross over of funky basslines with tight vocal harmonies with interesting and energetic use of samples. The album then flows into the tightly produced reggae influenced track ‘I Can’t See’, which epitomises friendship in its simplest form. Imagine a scene: in the background a messy campsite with the sun beating down, whilst in the foreground a group of youths with a Strongbow Dark Fruit in hand with music blaring from festival tents all around – ‘I don’t wanna go it alone, without you walking next to me’. 

From the light-hearted bouncy feeling of ‘Natural Supersoul’ to the darker tones of ‘Double dutch’, which incorporates a refreshing use of vocal samples, this whole album presents a more sophisticated production with a cleaner outcome then the Birmingham duo’s debut. If you need a little groovy pick-me-up which helps you strut down the street, this is the album for you.


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