05/02/2018: Someone Out There – Rae Morris

The second album of Blackpool’s Rae Morris hit the sound waves last week. The pop songstress released an 11-track album leaving behind piano-driven pop and stepped into the realms of electronic music.

If you throw in appealing synth melody lines, a light drum machine beat, warm synth pads and a fuck load of well-written chorus’ you’ve got yourself this album. In comparison to her last album there is more conviction and more definition in her songs. It sounds like she’s evolved as a person but her music has followed that path. The use of backing vocals and double tracking creates a huge sound especially on ‘Reborn’.

The stand out feature of this album is the unique vocal of Morris, that’s what really sells it. Its a mixture of Kate Bush, Björk and Lucy Rose – if that’s even possible. ‘Lower the tone’ shows the more gentle side of her voice in a reserved but endearing introduction. ‘Do It’ and ‘Atletico (The Only One)’ let Morris unleash he inner-pop queen – the new-age of electronic pop music gold.

Rae Morris is far from the timid girl sat behind a piano in a WLT session: she has evolved into a vibrant artist and woman.

Listen here:


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