05/03/2018: You Think You’re A Comic! – Gus Dapperton

As the recommended Spotify playlist so eloquently put it, this is best described as Bedroom Pop. Bedroom in the sense of a very bedroom producer vibe with a DIY ethos: you can imagine New York grown Gus Dapperton hunched over a mini synth improvising until he get’s the perfect line. But also bedroom in the sense that it feels like it could perfectly fit the soundtrack to a British coming-of-age film where troubled teens are stuck in their bedrooms, doing things they shouldn’t be doing. The two meanings of the word go hand in hand.

Let’s start with ‘Prune, You Talk Funny’. An upbeat opener to this newly released EP. This dreamy guitar driven track showcases the idea that you can be oblivious to someone’s flaws because of the overwhelming feelings you have for them – ‘I would tread upon flowerbeds to stare and stop‘. You’ll squash beautiful things just for a little look. The additional backing vocals in this track give an extra summery feel: one which is replicated in the glorious synthesiser which causes the chorus to expand.

The first verse of ‘I Have Lost My Pearls’ parades the hypnotic vocal style that Dapperton can achieve. There is minimal production in the climax of this track: groovy guitar part, an overwhelming synth chordal pattern and a basic drum beat. However this is compensated for in the change of vocal style – this is where he lets loose. He show’s there’s a fire behind his voice and not just the generic Indie-Pop ‘different’ vocal style.

You can tell Gus loves his synths – but it works for sure. The modulation used in ‘Amadelle With Love’ adds that extra spice. This track is less spacey and has more punch but still retains the essence of Dapperton’s vocals. They aren’t all up in your face, and I like that.

The simplicity of the reverb coated piano in the introduction to ‘Beyond Amends’ let’s the listener into the secret that this track is something different. It sounds bigger than the others – whether that’s just the copious amounts of reverb smothering every track, or the production itself. The long held backing vocals, the rocking ostinato electric piano line or even the doubled lead vocal each going on a slightly different path – they all contribute to make an atmospheric beautiful indie-pop song, something you don’t hear much of.

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