06/11/2017: Antisocialites – Alvvays

‘Antisocialites’ is about reflection in all different senses. A sense of warm nostalgia is mirrored between the reverberant chorus-laced guitar sounds throughout the album and the recollection of fondness of a relationship shown in the lyrics of ‘Forget About Life’. ‘Dream Tonite’ shows the bittersweet memory of a past lover tinted with the recognition that it was never meant to be – Who starts a fire just to let it go out?.

The soft melodic vocals of Molly Rankin lulls the listener into vivid scenarios – I arrived at the scene you were perfectly surrounded by pylons, When the crowd separated the officer said you were already gone – ‘Already Gone’ similarly shows the heartbreak of losing someone you love even though they weren’t yours to lose anymore.

‘What’s left for you and me?’ is asked in the perfect album-opener ‘Undertow’ – presenting the whole theme, that there’s always questions to be asked: Is this right for me? Is this right for you? Do we both need something more?

With tracks with rousing electric guitar intro riffs and showing 80’s new wave influences this creates a spectacular LSD-infused indie pop album.


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