09/04/2018: On Hold – Fenne Lily

On the day that Wanda’s Tracks’ favourite, Bad Sounds, are Annie Mac’s hottest record in the world, it is time for the long overdue Album of the Week. Having been absent for a few weeks we’ve missed some brand new corkers: The Vaccines, Tom Misch and even Demob Happy. However this week we’re focussing on an album consumed by beautiful acoustic guitar and serene vocals, brought to us by Bristol born Fenne Lily.

Title track ‘On Hold’ gives us a charming vocal line paired with a slightly grungey sounding guitar. It’s interesting – it feels like this could be a track you’d belt out whilst driving along with your friends, but simultaneously it is gracefully melancholic.

It’s clear to hear some artist influences in Fenne Lily’s work – yet she has successfully crafted her own unique sound. ‘Tip to Toe’ and ‘More than You Know’ both have elements of early days Lucy Rose or Daughter – simple acoustic guitar accompaniment with lullaby vocals which fleet up to high delicate falsetto notes. Additionally ‘Brother’ has moments where the vocal melody and style is similar to that of The Staves. The stronger, more defiant approach to ‘Three Oh Nine’ is something I wish for more on this album. The first vocal lines have a presence about them – a strong woman with an elegantly gentle voice. This tracks also delves into more expressive production, something which also appears in ‘The Hand You Deal’. I love the simplicity of the production on this album, the songwriting speaks for itself. However I am intrigued to see what music could be created with Fenne Lily’s memorable vocals with thicker, rockier textures.


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