12/02/2018: Beautiful People Will Ruin Your Life – The Wombats

Indie-rock royalty, The Wombats, released their 4th studio album last week – more sophisticated songs but still with an essence of cheekiness.

Somehow it feels like the The Wombats have evolved in this album yet still able to maintain the core quality of soaring chorus’ containing mind-boggling unexpected lyrics.

The opener ‘Cheetah Tongue’ couples a dance-ready indie disco drum-kit beat with the tasty high-pitched vocal lines of Matthew Murphy. ‘Lemon to a knife fight’ was released late last year as the lead single from the album. This single is the most “Wombat-y” of the album, so no wonder they made it the single. Why change something that’s going great?  It’s easy to picture this track lighting up a summer festival set with a huge sing-a-long from a teenage based crowd – for example at their newly announced Reading & Leeds slot.

‘Out of my Head’ is a weird one. The intro gives us a funky bass-line fused with a synth string pattern that could be off a James Bond theme. The introduction of the overdriven guitar at the end of the first verse and the words ‘I try to be human’, sound as if the track is about to go somewhere enormous. Sadly though, it doesn’t quite make it. However it redeems itself in the singable guitar solo, which mosh pits could happily ensue over. If there was a bit more crunch throughout this whole track, it could be a stand out on the whole album.


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