12/12/2017: Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not – Arctic Monkeys

‘So who’s that girl there?’ – A simple sentence that gets a generation of kids hysterically excited. The lads with their brothers in tow belting out the lyrics as if their lives depended on it to the groups of ladies who are finally free to dance to music they want to rather than the usual club pop shite – whoever it may be, this album was an iconic piece in my generation’s music evolution.

At over a decade old this album stands the test of time as one of the most energetic alternative-rock albums showcasing intuitive observations which have been moulded into memorable lyrics. The authentic singing style of Alex Turner unravels the underground tones of a British night out,  a night out we’ve all experienced, from the awkward bloke in the corner, to the dodgy bouncers and the good looking lasses.

The tight drumming of Matt Helders drives the charming chaos of tracks such as ‘From Ritz To The Rubble’ and ‘You Probably Couldn’t See For The Lights But You Were Staring Straight At Me’ whilst the characteristic guitar tone of this album holds the listener in a trance for ‘Riot Van’.

This album represents the simplicity that youth’s long for: a good night out and laugh with your friends. In my opinion this is why this album made such a dent in so many people’s music tastes – creating a new army of moshing sweaty teenage boys. So this week don’t have a face on, and get your dancing shoes on and go be that sexy swine on the dancefloor. You know you want to.




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