13/11/2017: Bloom EP – Lewis Capaldi

The first track ‘Fade’ introduces the intimate lyrics whilst simply being accompanied by a piano for the opening lines. This captivates the listener, and boy, doesn’t that keep them entranced for the whole EP.

Guess I’m such a fucking fool for the way that you caught me – with the heart-wrenching performance from the Scottish singer-songwriter this line highlights the most remarkable honesty in his music, and after all, what’s the point in music if it doesn’t feel like the artists’ blood is pumping through their songs?

‘Bruises’ collected a lot of well-justified attention before the EP was released – a story showing the longing for a past lover but being blinded about why it didn’t work out in the first place. ‘If only I could hold you, You’d keep my head from going under’ along with lines from the third track ‘Mercy’ – ‘It hurts to see you’re alright, when I’m not alright’, executes the authentic lyric style of Capaldi which makes this EP so emotional.

Nothing can compare to the rasp and truth behind Lewis Capaldi’s voice: a voice that sends the mind into circles re-thinking past situations and decisions. Personally, I think this is an incredible debut EP – one which will take him on a huge journey which he deserves every second of.


Listen here:



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