15/01/2018: Girlhood – The Preatures

Following this week’s blog post, and continuing the theme of front women being total rockstars, this week’s album comes from the Sydney quartet ‘The Preatures’.

‘Girlhood’, released in August 2017, certainly takes you through a rollercoaster of feelings. The title track supplies you with fight and angst at the modern world and what it’s like for women to be living in it – the driving drum beat and the more relaxed vocal style, compared to the other tracks, deliver this.

Singer Izzi Manfredi has a vocal style that keeps on giving – the tracks ‘Your Fan’ and ‘Cherry Ripe’ show the beautiful heartbroken tones whereas tracks like ‘The First Night’ and ‘Yanada’ have some lower register flicks which almost sound a little bit country. And to top it all off ‘Yanada’ features lyrics in Dharug – an aboriginal language of Sydney.

With ‘Lip Balm’ showing influences of 80’s punk creeping in and with ‘Mess It Up’ including a funk guitar part that could be off a Prince album – this album sure has diversity. But the magic of The Preatures is that somehow it all glues together in a very cohesive, enjoyable album.

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