15/10/3018: You Say I’m Too Much, I Say You’re Not Enough – Estrons

I’m in a good position. The first experience I’ve had listening to Estrons was their debut album. You’d like to think they are proud of the overall style and the tracks they have collated – and they should be, it gives a marvellous first impression.

‘Killing Your Love’ cranks up the distortion on the guitar and shows the occasional feedback swell, whilst layering vocal parts smothered in delay. All leading up to the massive sound at 2min15secs – the ultimate climax of the track. It’s hard to resist pulling out the air-guitar concentration face and having a little head bang. I can imagine the pits go mad when this song is played live.

As the album goes on it dips out of the thrashy and into the catchy. ‘Make a Man’ has a memorable chorus with a kick. Sometimes the non-explicit version of a track can be equally as good, but the last chorus in this instance just highlights how fucking good it can be when a band just go off on one. It shows some similarities to the style of Dream Wife, which I am not complaining about, but Estrons definitely have their own notable USP.

Taken aback by lead vocalist Tali Källström‘s performance on this album, I’m unsure if there is anyone else similar. There’s hints of 70’s rock star, almost borderline Axl Rose especially heard in ‘Body’, but also we are sometimes treated to Joplin-esque rasp. Källström delivers strong powerful notes, notably in ‘Cameras’, which would not be out of place on a metal album.

The overall tone and taste of tracks on this album are cohesive and interesting. It’s a catchy album on the heavier side of life – and I’m always game for female lead vocalists to pack some punch.


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