16/04/18: isaac gracie – Isaac Gracie

23-year old, London born Isaac Gracie is breaking Wanda’s Tracks records by being the first artist to appear on an Album of the Week for the second time. He is entirely worthy.

I could sit here all day and attempt to spout out the words to describe the sincerity and artistry within Isaac Gracie’s lyrics. However, the only way to fully comprehend it is to take this album and let it lock out the rest of the world. Having a poet for a mother has clearly rubbed off on Gracie, he really has a knack for creating captivating verse.

There’s elements of hurt, anger, hope and love soaring throughout this collection of songs. All each as convincing as each other.

Hurt: ‘reverie’ shows a heartbroken man, simply wishing for the comfort of his loved one – ‘I could tell you that I’m doing great, but darling I’m just not okay‘.

Anger: We’ve seen the evolution of Issac Gracie, from bedroom-recorded grungey demo’s from first EP ‘Songs From My Bedroom’ to a roaring lion pouncing into the current music scene. In ‘the death of you & i’ around the two and a half minutes mark finally shows the Isaac we’ve all been waiting for: he lets it all loose.

Hope: ‘last words’ is a track that’s been on the radar for a while now, but with every listen it gets more intriguing. The last verse show’s the question of realisation – ‘I thought I was just having fun, but no I was just looking for the one, always looking for you‘. The hope that maybe, it might just work out.

Love: There’s an overwhelming feeling of longing in this album – it’s all about love, every aspect of it. Thank god someone broke his heart so we could hear this music.

The lack of capital letters within the album text shows that it’s all about the words rather than how they are written. If there’s a time this week you need to get away from it all, just take 5:40mins and listen to the Mahogany live session of ‘reverie’. It will be worth it.

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