19/02/2018: Dark Eyes – Half Moon Run

This week was a toss-up between brand spanking new Franz Ferdinand and this 6 years old masterpiece – but I just couldn’t get this album out of my mind. Sorry Franz Ferdinand, maybe next time.

The album commences with enchanting acoustic guitar arpeggios, and slowly but surely it builds. First the ever-growing vocals, then the fill-based drum grooves, then the atmospheric guitar patterns which are key in any Half Moon Run track.

Then the big boy comes in. ‘Call Me In The Afternoon’ has energy, power and excitement. It’s hard to find a song where the combination of passionate vocals and fast drum grooves gets you so god damn animated.

The endearing track ‘Unofferable’, shows the timid side of Half Moon Run. ‘Of how you burn through your lovers, It’s like an ugly disease‘ is the climax of emotion embodied with a soaring electric guitar riff, that gives you chills to your core.

‘Nerve’ presents an audacious melody that makes this track have a sense of cheekiness about it. It draws the listener in and you don’t want to ever let go.

This album is the perfect length. 12 genuinely creative and innovative songs which can easily be identified as Half Moon Run – their ingenious rhythms and solid vocal harmonies.

It’s incredible to see this band perform their magic, check out the live session below which captures the beautiful essence of Half Moon Run.

Listen here:

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