19/03/2018: The Magic Gang (Deluxe) – The Magic Gang

There was only one possible album we could celebrate this week: romantic indie-pop gold The Magic Gang. If you’ve previously been a fan of The Magic Gang then you will already love and appreciate a chunk of songs from this refreshing debut – but if you’ve never heard of them before, then you are in for double the treat.

Classic’s such as ‘All This Way’, ‘Jasmine’ and ‘How Can I Compete’ have been re-vamped and refurnished to give cleaner guitar chords, tighter bass riffs and that extra something in the drums. But we are treated to previously unheard song’s such a ‘Slippin” – graced with comforting production and notable harmonies this has the warm enjoyment presented in every Magic Gang track.

There are some stand out moments on this album for sure. Firstly, the piano introduction to ‘Take Care’. It sounds as if it’s about to lead us into the newest Drake album but it evolves into a glossy creation. One of which is thickened by fuzzy guitar layers and interlaced with the notorious Magic Gang harmonies showcasing the lead vocals of bassist Gus Taylor. Something we have not heard before, but we definitely like. A second high on this album is sing-a-long corker ‘Getting Along’. The energy and arrangement just gets you overflowing with excitement. The slap of vocals in the chorus hints at the performance The Magic Gang boys can give, they’ve got some punch. I would be sprinting into the pits if watching this live. If any track could present to you the essence of The Magic Gang in 40 seconds it’s this one.

Although this album has an uplifting and exhilarating outer layer it’s clear these boys have been through some heartbreak. The simple honesty and relatability of the lyrics adds another importance to this album. It’s another reason to belt these songs at the top of your lungs – because chances are, you sympathise with what you’re shouting.

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