22/01/2018: Bcos U Will Never B Free – Rex Orange County

This debut home-grown mixtape dips your toe into what Surrey born Rex Orange County is all about. A collection of bedroom produced tracks with subtle hip hop vibes, soulful honest vocal patterns and tender electric accompaniment.

The lyrics are so real and personal that they almost seem simplistic: he doesn’t over-do it with fancy or cheesy lyrics, he says what he has to say and that’s that. He can so clearly dictate very specific situations and feelings in a very literal way which many people can relate to – giving the sense of beautiful nostalgia.

More upbeat tracks such as ‘Paradise’, which feature spoken word and samples, incorporate the vintage drum sound with a hint of doo-wop inspired backing vocals. This tracks leaves you hanging on the edge – thinking your Spotify has lost connection, but then you get released into the world of ‘Belly (The Grass Stains)’. It really is another world – this tracks sends you longing for a summer day by the lake. With its exposed production of just a vocal and a muddy electric piano, it is the definition of sentimentality.

Rex Orange County kicked off the year by being runner-up of The Sound of 2018 – so no doubt this year will bring big things. But just when everything’s getting big, head back to listen to this mixtape to give you a taste of the real world.

Listen here:


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