24/09/2018: Black Honey – Black Honey

This debut opens with the single ‘I only hurt the ones I love’ – and the intro performs every duty an intro to a debut album should perform. It builds energy, it gives a sneak peak of the track in little snippets and provides a huge guitar tone that Black Honey fans are more than use to.

This album feels like its split in half – even some of the tracks seem to be split. One half is Black Honey presenting sexy songs with interesting lyrics with a clear rock undertone – sounding like a progression from the days of their hits ‘Corrine’ and ‘Madonna’. But the other half sounds like a whole different band – a band using thicker production orientated by synth-based sounds rather than a classic rock band setup and heavier production on the vocals meaning the kooky vocal of Izzy B Phillips can’t be as clearly recognised.

This other side of Black Honey can be clearly seen in the track ‘Midnight’ where sawtooth synth sounds are flying all over with a heavily produced vocal singing repetitive vocal patterns. Artistic autotune and excessive reverb is also prominent in ‘Bad Friends’ which sounds like it could break into an Eminem verse at any given moment.

‘Dig’ is the standout track on this record. But maybe this is just because I’m thirsty to hold onto their old style as a band. Even though this track has one of the thinnest textures, and no mad synth parts, I think it sounds the most complete and most thought out. ‘Hello Today’ is another competitor – but once again this is old school Black Honey, but this time with production laced thick with reverb.

This record seems to be a watered down rock album with synths thrown in all over the show. It’s very far from a bad album, but maybe not the album I was fully expecting.

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