25/06/2018: Bad Contestant – Matt Maltese

Throwback to 16-year-old me, sat waiting nervously for my dad to take me to go play my first ever gig. It was a day festival in Reading, and having already forgotten to bring a kick pedal, I was already out of my depth. And I was about to become starstruck: Matt Maltese was playing the set after me. I had already fallen in love with his velvety voice after discovering his Burberry Acoustic debut, when he was just 16, with his track ‘Good Old Days’. Now fast forward, it’s the 8th of June 2018, and a parcel has arrived at the door. It’s the debut album that 16-year-old me had been longing for.

Matt Maltese has mastered the art of creating a record which seamlessly wanders from jazz-infused head bops such as ‘Greatest Comedian’ to dark all-encompassing ballads like ‘As the World Caves In’. It shows bravery in its diversity but Matt Maltese has successfully planted his own specific scent on each track. Matt Maltese is the king of using imagery to get across his thoughts – the title track shows his self-depricating thoughts of ‘I’m a dead end, a budget hotel‘ – whilst all his lyrics are enveloped in dark humour which tops this album off.

The instrumentation soars from massive house band vibes, backing singers and all, to more delicate piano numbers such as ‘Less and Less’. Proper old school Matt Maltese.

This album could perfectly soundtrack two high school sweethearts having their last dance at their last ever high school prom. Dance on kids.

Listen here:


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