27/11/2017: Songs From My Bedroom – Isaac Gracie

So I know this is supposed to be an album of the week and I’ve already varied that with an EP last week, so why not vary it even more. This week is based on a song. Sorry.

Isaac Gracie released the newly produced version of his track ‘Terrified’ this week alongside a captivating music video. This track was first released on the 2016 EP ‘Song’s from my bedroom’ – this shows a gentle start to the song with simple accompaniment on an acoustic guitar, but still showcasing the poignant lyrics and vocal tricks of Isaac Gracie.

‘Darling, I’m terrified, I’m terrified that maybe, I wasn’t cut out for this’ – the crescendo leading into this climatic line of this epic moody-folk track sends a tremor through any listener. The thought-provoking lyrics about self-doubt reveal the feelings which could not be revealed through talking – it’s okay to be terrified, but there’s a necessity to push past that apprehension for the sake of someone else.

It’s an understatement to say I got a bit excited when I found out a newer version had been released – there’s something about this song that just sticks. Go listen to the older version, and whilst you’re there listen to the rest of the bewitching EP. Then go listen to the new release, and see the journey this artist has been on to create an even more beautiful version of a song which I didn’t think could get anymore beautiful.


Listen Here:

Songs From my Bedroom (2016):

Terrified (2017):




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