Greg Wanders: Live Session + Interview

Greg Wanders is the whole package. He delivers crisp production, with tight harmonies and creative use of vocal samples. Alongside signature craftsmanship in his songwriting – he utilises his emotion-heavy lyrics, which are surrounded with sentiment, to drive his songs so there is never a dip in energy. Not only that, he can deliver a killer performance. Watch Greg Wanders pick up his guitar and supply us with a stripped back version of ‘Sines’ here:


We caught up with Greg Wanders to see what he had to say:

  • What’s the big dream?

‘What a question [laughing]. So really, simple as it sounds, is to sort of sustain a living off creating, sharing my music. I mean half of it’s like the process of doing it, I love the process of it. It’s something that’s different, it’s the never same, so always facing something different in every new song, every new project. Then also in terms of performing as well, I’d love the opportunity to just do that and sustain it.

  • What is your opinion on the current music that is in the charts?

I mean there’s a lot of music that I sort of bop my head too, but I think that’s the thing with pop. I think for me personally, I don’t dislike it, but I kind of like music that challenges me. I like to be challenged.

  • What one artist would you say has inspired you the most?

Well there’s 2 and I don’t know which inspires me more than the other. On one hand there’s Sampha and on the other there’s James Blake. Every time I show someone my music they’re like ‘oh you sound like Sampha’, but I don’t see it. He influences me more in terms of encouragement of being unique and having the confidence to just have your own unique sound and not chase a trend. I think that’s one thing that every producer at one point could account for, going down that road of following a trend. I was doing it for a while, because I wanted to make things that people would like. But after listening to their [Sampha and James Blake] albums I thought that they’ve maintained this for years so I could actually stick to that. I kind of realised that when you develop your own niche, you’ll have fans that support you a lot more than if you were in trend, because trends just fall in and fall out.

  • Do you prefer doing the producer side of things, or the song writing?

It kind of changes with each song. There’ll be some tracks I have where, I wouldn’t have not enjoyed the

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song-writing process but it would have been quite a basic process. Then I’ve really got into the production and used it to lift everything. But then there are some tracks I have where I get so into the song writing and I’ll spend months writing it and re-arranging stuff because I want it to be perfect.

  • What are the plan for the rest of 2018? And what are you most excited for?

The big plan really, which sort of answers both questions, is that I’m going to be releasing my debut EP. I’ve been writing since the beginning of the year really; it’s been a long process just moulding every little thing. It’s kind of gone on this massive rotation, where I put these tracks in, take them out, put new ones in, take them out and put the old ones back in, take the old ones out… I think it’s got to a point now that when I look at it, it feels like a proper framework. They all relate and I can actually put them into a category.

  • How are you going to perform the more electronic side of tracks live, or are you not?

I’ve been having quite a lot of meetings and getting advice from people. It’s been the main interest – the electronic side. I really want to have that, but I’d also want to have the acoustic. I’ve got a bunch of bandmates now and we’re going to be getting together and properly practising after our exams in May. We’re gonna start piecing together what the actual live show will begin to look like. I think maybe coming from producing, I like to be a lot more hands on, so if I’m not playing keys I’d like to be doing something with pads. Or just doing something.

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