Live Review: RedFaces + The Night Society & more @ The Boileroom

The Night Society live @ The Boileroom

Rewind to 2pm Thursday, I was sat in the library writing a lab report I did not want to be writing whilst peering out the window longing to just be sat in the sun. But the only saving grace was knowing that in 5 hours time I would be thrown into a night of summery indie-pop tunes which could account for missing out on the actual sun.

We were eased into the night by 4-piece Indigo Kids. The encompassing vocals of Katie Mitchell left me feeling like their set ended too soon. It was a strong start.

Following smoothly on were Guildford based, Waiting for Malory. Not only did they provide us with a James Bay look-alike contest with a clear winner, bassist Adrian Foulkes, they gave an energetic performance with clean lead guitar riffs which were delivered without hesitation. Lead singer James Sharp had the most infectious smile which made their big pop chorus’ sound even bigger.

Last night showcased some excellent local bands, one being the main support The Night Society. As soon as lead vocalist Harry Buxton opened his mouth we were taken by surprise to his Jamie T approach style of singing – but The Night Society deliver that little bit more power. We were also given funky guitar chords and rhythms, delivered with enthusiasm, which gave a pleasing edge to their indie-rock tracks. As well as up-beat lively tracks which had the band diving around the stage, there were also slower tracks with guitar sounds similar to that of Jaws. I am as intrigued by this band as I was by the pink floral pattern on Buxton’s guitar, and by that, I mean very intrigued.

Harry Lyon (RedFaces)

Then headlining act RedFaces swooped onto the stage. The audience was hit with lead vocals that were reminiscence of Jake Bugg from lead singer Harry Lyon that were close and tight with the backup vocals from Isaac White. The second track kept up the excitement with a circa waves-type dancing track – it got the DM’s and Converse of the crowd tapping for sure. The tight hi-hat rhythm drove this along whilst Lyon had a tasty exploration of his falsetto range in the verses. Next up was ‘Wise Up’ a track they released in 2017. The strong guitar intro was singable and drew the crowd in. Lyon (who was sporting a ‘Jack from The Magic Gang’ stripey tee look) delivered the rasp and vocal skill that is present on recordings with no trouble at all. Despite having to fight a persistent unnecessary fire alarm, new single ‘Messed Up Feeling’ came across well. But I wished they’d just turned up their amps as a big ‘fuck off’ to the fire alarm and powered through rather than letting it affect their live set and mindset. The verse vocals in ‘Kerosene’ had energy which I can imagine would go well at a larger festival set and the bigger overdriven guitar sounds played to match this. Sheffield boys RedFaces left the crowd of the Boileroom with ‘Take it or Leave it’. This sounded the most radio ready, and most

RedFaces live @ The Boileroom

tightly played, giving a good send off. The highlight of this was the faultless drumming of Charlie Yapp which really drove the performance along. Throughout the set I was longing for more synth work from new synth guy ‘Will’ – when the synth line kicked in the chorus of ‘Take it or Leave it’ it was the moment where it really took off. It was the most interesting vibe they had – it made them have an extra dimension.

As I was driving home I was humming ‘Take it or Leave it’ over the dutty bassline that was on Radio 1, so all in all that’s a sign of a good gig.

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