Lucca: Live Session + Interview

Lucca can deliver soothing tracks with an unparalleled vocal tone, whilst preserving the honest lyrics that sit over the top of her well calculated melodies. The 18 year old effortlessly writes songs that you can listen to on repeat. And not only that, but she can perform them with ease with a high level of class. Check out her live session below:

We wanted to see where the inspiration behind the music came from, here’s what Lucca had to say:

Is there one particular thing, or time, that you always find yourself to be writing lyrics about or is each song its own separate project entirely?

Often themes and ideas for songs overlap as lyrics come from experiences, not necessarily my own but people that surround me too. Whether it be about heartbreak, enlightenment, social justice etc

Who would be the one person you’d thanks for recommending you a certain artist?

I would have to thank my dad for making Bob Marley and the wailers the soundtrack to my childhood. I appreciate being brought up listening to lyrics about freedom and inner peace of mind, it has had a massive impact on my perspective and my music.

Do you think its important for artists to have their own style? Whether that be their fashion sense or their musical genre? Or do you think sometimes its important to follow trends?

I don’t think it’s majorly important but instead something that happens naturally. Often an artist who is passionate about the music will adopt there own style subconsciously meaning no artist sounds or looks the same as another.

If you could ask any artist ever for a masterclass in songwriting who would you pick? Why?

would love a masterclass with Loyle Carner. His flow is impeccable, razor sharp rhymes, alliterations, onomatopoeia are churned out in every one of his songs. He serves up poetry with a hip hop beat which makes for beautifully sensitive songs about family grief…. one of my many musical heroes!

Are there any music releases on the way anytime soon?

Yes there are a few songs in the making, lots of unfinished lyrics and loose ends though.



Like what you hear? Listen more here:


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