Necktr + San Telmo Live @ The Boileroom

Necktr live @ The Boileroom
San Telmo Live @ The Boileroom
Will Brown (Vocals/Keys) Josh Prewer (Bass)

Heading back to their home crowd, San Telmo presented the eager audience of The Boileroom with an opening set which set the night right up. Just from Conor Dickinson’s (Guitar/Vocals) smooth opening of their first track you could tell it was going to be a night full to the brim with thick chords and tight rhythms. The essence of San Telmo is captured in the Neo-soul influenced harmonies of vocalists Will Brown and Dickinson – from effortless falsetto to a treacle-coated lower register.

Conor Dickinson (Guitar/Vocals)

Their tracks can simultaneously make you want to groove and also reassess your whole life. Combining thought-provoking lyrics with intoxicating basslines and roaring trumpet solos. The ‘brink-of-orgasm’ keyboard face from Brown epitomises what the audience was feeling during the keyboard solo – as always, we just wish it lasted longer. The crafted stand out vocal licks were a treat to the ears: ‘Hey baby what you doing Saturday?‘ well lads, I’m listening to San Telmo, that’s what.

Headlining the night were 9-piece modern soul band from Leeds, Necktr. They deserve a bigger stage, literally and metaphorically.

Poppy William-Daniels (Trumpet)

There’s not a way to describe this band without becoming a mumbling mess just sprouting out genres of music. But in all sincerity, every inch of their music is coated in influences from all around the world- and it sounds incredible. One track can be as well travelled as a rich girl on her ‘gap yah’. The precision of the ever so seamless transitions to new sections is unfathomable. Necktr combine latin inspired percussion which is sprinkled with atmospheric guitar, juicy brass and clean-cut basslines. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Nix Ward jumped off his keys to deliver an impressive rap verse which could have been mistaken for a feature on Loyle Carner’s latest album.

Seb Knee-Wright (Guitar)

Necktr’s newest track lured you in with timid vocals from Esme Bridie, catching the audience’s full attention. The main riff starting on the brass, and gaining in strength, led the track into the syncopated madness that is Necktr.

It’s evident that the lyrics of their tracks are well thought through. Using lyrics about the importance of working hard in the real world – proven in their attitude towards their performance and their commitment to perfecting their craft, it is clear this is notion they have locked into their brains.

Its always refreshing to see a band from the current generation genuinely enjoying themselves on stage, rather than putting on a steel cool persona: the Doc Martin wearing trio at the forefront of the stage injected their energy and charisma into the surroundings – and the audience lapped it in.

Necktr Live @ The Boileroom

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