The Prohibition: Live Session + Interview

The dream-rock group hailing from Bath Spa University cut through the norms of female-fronted rock by having intoxicating melodies and a psychedelic feel. Having only formed in the second half of last year, their intricately hand-crafted tunes do not represent their minimal months they have been playing together. It’s clear these musicians just slot together effortlessly.

They are currently on the rollercoaster of recording, gigging and making a name for themselves and we were lucky enough to be a stop on their journey. Not only did they provide us with what they do best, an extraordinary live session, but we also got to find out a little bit more. Keep on reading for the story behind this up and coming band, a live session, and also the lengthy thought process when faced with a ‘would you rather’ question…

(Left to right) Jesse Roache, Meg Jones, Sam Cother, Sam Showler.

Who’s idea was it to start the band? Where did that inspiration come from? 

Meg: I guess it was mine really? I approached Jessie first.

Sam S: Then didn’t you message both of us at the same time?

Meg: Yeah pretty much. I remember thinking you [Jessie] were really good and were going to have loads of people after you.

Jesse: I think it’s because you said you liked Radiohead and I just thought, well if we both like Radiohead.

Meg: I was surprised when you said yeah actually.

Sam S: I think my audition went quite well actually because I managed to sufficiently scare off all the common bands, I was like, so listen ‘I’m gonna do weird shit, If you want me that’s fine, but be ready’.

As you’re a relatively new band are you always experimenting and trying to find your sound? Or are you pretty settled for the minute?

Sam S: I think we found it pretty quickly actually.

Sam C: We are all open to experiments.

Jesse: It’s subjective, I mean it could change in the next EP or whatever.

Meg: To an extent I think you always need to be trying out different sounds and ideas.

Sam S: This sort of style we’ve got at the moment has just sort of trickled out of the covers hasn’t it? It feels right. It feels good.

What’s your writing process?

Sam S: It’s a very normal writing process.

Sam C: There’s nothing particularly experimental about it.

Sam S: Although I guess it is different in the sense that we don’t really have one lead song writer.

Jesse: I think that’s the best way to go about it though, we don’t have a ‘lead’ necessarily.

Sam S: This latest track, I sort of started it then everything built up.

If there was one album you wish you could have written, what would it be?

Jesse Roache:
Innerspeaker – Tame Impala.

It’s a production masterpiece. It blows my mind to how well structured it is and I just aspire to be as good as Kevin Parker.


Sam Cother: Songs for the deaf – Queens of the Stone Age.

It seems to perfectly have that blend of pop sensibility whilst keeping a sense of originality. It’s wicked.


Sam Showler: Thriller – Michael Jackson.

It made a fuck-tonne of money. It’s a terrific album. Actually ‘Off the Wall’ is better, but Thriller still made more for the bank.


Meg Jones:
Heaven or Las Vegas – Cocteau Twins.

She’s got a beautiful voice, but the melodies that she writes  are so intricate and unexpected, they work really well. And the guitar sounds amazing.


What’s more important, the lyrics or the overall feel of a track?

Sam C: It completely depends.

Sam Cother (Drums)

Meg: Like with that song we’ve just been working on, that’s all about the feel of the track and not the lyrics.

Sam S: But I don’t think there’s any excuse for bad lyrics. Like you can write ok lyrics and the instrumental can hold it up, but if you have good lyrics you sort of get the ball rolling, because you have feeling.

Jesse: You just need a song people can relate too.

Sam C: I mean you could argue that in a band like Primus, they don’t really give a fuck: ‘Wynona’s Big Brown Beaver’, like how the fuck can you justify saying “God I really connect with this”.

Sam S: I think that actually summarises why Primus are so difficult to get into. There is no relatability in their songwriting whatsoever.

Jesse: I guess you could say that for Rush aswell. Some of the lyrics are pretty out there.

Sam C: That would make sense to why Rush and Primus have essentially the same fans, I’d say.

Sam S: We sort of derailed the question there, but in summary, there isn’t an answer.

Jesse: Prog is the answer.

What’s the plan for 2018? Any releases? Upcoming shows? What are you most excited for?

Sam S: We’re gonna get a beach house.

Jesse: [laughing] Cocaine and hookers…

Meg: Is that what you’re gonna blow your money on? The small amount that we earn?

Sam C: Just a one-legged hooker and tiny molecule of cocaine.

Sam S: We’re hoping to get an EP out.

Sam C: Hopefully in time for summer. I’m most excited for working on the EP, gigs are fun and all, but being in the studio is where your music comes to life.

Sam S: Its early days though, still need to figure out if people actually like it first.

And finally, would you rather a head the size of a tennis ball or a head the size of 3 watermelons?

Sam S: I think an important factor is whether your organs scale to the size of your head. Because if you imagine the tennis ball, your head would just be a face. But then if you had the watermelons you would have like a giant fucking skull and tiny face in the middle. And would your brain scale to it aswell?

Sam Cother (Drums) and Sam Showler (Bass)

Meg: Yeah that’s what I was thinking, would you have a tiny brain, like the size of a pigeon brain?

Sam S: I don’t know what would be more horrifying.

Sam C: I think that the tennis ball would be terrifying to see from afar. Because you’d be like “Fuck that guy is decapitated” from far away, then he walks up close then its just some guy with a head the same size of a cat or some shit. I personally think 3 watermelons.

Sam S: If my intelligence didn’t scale with the size of the head I would go with the tennis ball. It would make me smaller and more likely to fit into tight spaces.

Jesse: You would be fucked in a mineshaft if you had a watermelon head though.

Sam C: Wait are we thinking the watermelon’s going upwards?

Sam S: [laughing] Do you mean 3 watermelons stacked on each other?

Sam C: No I’m thinking both.

Sam S: 3 watermelons?! Like a fucking axis on a graph? So 9 watermelons?!

Jesse: I think this has become way more complicated than it needs to be. I think I’d go with the tennis ball as freaky as it would look.

Meg: You probably wouldn’t be able to stand up with the head the size of the watermelons.

Sam S: You’d be such a fucking baller on Halloween aswell.


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  1. Followed Megan for a few years now, she’s an awesome talent. Thought it had a Cranberries feel to it which I loved, especially when it got rocking very Zombiesque. Brilliant. Can’t wait to hear more.

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