The Rise of Youtube Music: People You Should be Listening To

Regarding musicians who find their feet using Youtube is always a tricky one. No musician wants to be known as ‘that gal off youtube’ but there is no denying that Youtube is an incredible way to build a fanbase. It’s just frustrating when that fanbase doesn’t branch further than a small Youtube community.

There’s a difference between a ‘Youtube Musician’ and a musician using Youtube as a platform to share and promote. A ‘Youtube Musician’ appears to upload for the sake of uploading, vlogs, has 5 different channels (including a gaming channel), does ‘youtube challenges’ and doesnt have a clue about the microphone they are tactically placing in shot to make it look like they are recording the vocals right there and then. All whilst maintaining that they only want to be a musician. You could argue that doing all the extras is to gain an even bigger fanbase so their music has more listeners, but that’s always hard to believe as the appealing dream of being a full time youtuber is on the rise. Not all ‘Youtube Musicians’ are talentless though, there’s no denying that Troye Sivan has got some bops and has an ongoing successful music career.

But then there’s another type of musician on Youtube. Orla Gartland, Hudson Taylor and Lauren Aquilina are some of the absolute squad who have succeeded in utilising the wonders of Youtube. They’ve developed their music careers from videos of them just playing in their bedrooms, and it was pure talent and charisma that developed their following into a reliable fanbase. Take a look at Orla Gartland for instance, an interesting singer-songwriter with facial expressions no one can compare too. She’s advanced from just sitting in front of a camera with her guitar, to touring multiple countries and releasing successful E.P’s. She still makes the occasionally youtube video to hold on to her roots, but simultaneously is writing and producing and living the musician life. And I would not have found her wonderful music without the help of Youtube. Check out her newest original below:

Some more Youtube discoveries you should be listening to:

1) Jack Vallier

This last year has been a whirlwind for Jack Vallier, from starting out with his acoustic guitar in his bedroom to now about to embark on a huge tour supporting Dermot Kennedy. After his successful release of his E.P ‘Rebeckah’, he continues to release songs driven by his strong vocal range.

Listen more here:

2) Joe Probert

Joe Probert has been a firm favourite for years. I remember going up to him at Barn on the Farm festivals years ago and being awkward and making a tit out of myself. But there’s no regrets from 15 year old me because now his hair is bigger and he’s got some even bigger tunes. He’s a talented multi-instrumentalist with the most incredible rasp in his voice that could cut glass it’s so tasty.

Listen more here:

3) Andie Isalie

A beauty of Youtube is that you can appreciate artists from all over the world, and this is very much the case for Andie Isalie who is over the other side of the world – currently in the blue mountains creating music in her van. Her new series ‘Vandie’ shows collaborations and beautiful raw orignals that are not to be missed. She has blues and funk influences in her guitar style – with a unique vocal that matches her unique approach to performing covers and also her own songs.

Listen more here:

4) George Ogilvie

George Ogilvie has one of the most captivating and relaxing voices I have had the pleasure to come across. He writes songs which transport you away and simultaneously make your stomach drop. His E.P ‘Nowhere’ is well crafted and thought-out from the first second. It shows him developing into the musician he wants to become – and it’s definitely the right direction.

Listen more here:

5) Benedict Cork

I first came across Benedict Cork on a video of him singing ‘Spectrum’ by Florence and the Machine – frozen in awe of his control and identifying tone. He would be a stand out vocalist on a dance track but equally holds his own with just a piano, undoubtable delivering the emotion and intimacy. His Youtube channel has since been re-vamped and is now looking fancy for his new era of music – one of which will be very successful.

Listen more here:

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