The Sock Ratings: Worst and Best Festivals Lineup Announcements So Far…

There’s not a lot better than having a boogie in the sunshine with a pint in one hand and reminiscing about the disgusting antics your friends displayed the night before. Or spending the weekend training your core muscles by hovering over every toilet seat within a 2 mile radius – an Olympic workout just for the sake of having to pee. There’s definitely a fine art to smuggling alcohol into the arena, one of which many of us have conquered. The options are infinite: down your bra, disguised within an inflatable horse costume or your secret could be a warm crotch can of beer. Whatever it is, we all have our special place.

The first wave of lineups have recently come out and it’s about time you start figuring which part of the world you are going to get royally fucked in this summer. So here’s our honest opinions…

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Truck Festival

Truck Festival has evolved from a family fun festival in Oxford to the dirty little sister of Reading Festival. Glittered up teens swarm to this breeding ground so they have an excuse to where their shit ‘trendy’ sunglasses and trackies and crop top combos. But in all seriously, we properly rate this years lineup. We highly merit Truck’s continuing support to up and coming bands – Bloxx, The Night Café, The Magic Gang, and Dream Wife, just to mention a few. Alongside with long-term favourites such as Peace, RAT BOY and Circa Waves. But the party doesn’t stop there. The Palm City lineup hold some of the best newcomer names in bassline music – the kids are getting ketty for Skepsis, Darkzy and Holy Goof.

Boomtown Fair

For The Final Chapter, this year Boomtown have gone all out. You’d be hard pushed to not find a band that you like on this line-up. The diversity of the music and medley of audiences are what make up the psychedelic magical world that is Boomtown. It’s a place where Napalm Death, Lady Leshurr and Fishbone can all be on the same bill no questions asked. This lineup shows what Boomtown is about – celebrating all aspects of music, new and old, in a mind-altering experience. Not to mention, three incredible headline acts. Each bring their own wacky and wild take on the world, perfect for the final chapter.

Reading and Leeds Festival

Now before you criticise, this isn’t another “this used to be rock festival its gone too mainstream blah blah blah” – I’ll tell you why this isn’t a good line-up.

Reading Festival needs to take more risks in the form of new headliners. So let’s start with Fall Out Boy, they co-headlined two years ago. Two. Are the organisers saying there are no other bands they could get? At least give it a few more years. So then we move onto Kings of Leon. They don’t have a great reputation with Reading, after being booed off stage in their headlining 2009 slot, it’s a bold move to have them back. But even if they are changed men and don’t take their anger out of the crowd this time they are still not a very relevant band. Their last album was in 2016, and they’ve been around for nearly two decades. Why not get a new band just starting their career and make some history? Everyone remembers the excitement and endearing naivety of Arctic Monkeys’ first Glastonbury slot – not many remember their following ones. For example, Royal Blood or Wolf Alice would do a great job in the top spot. If I’m honest I think it was a great shout with Kendrick Lamar. He’s one of the most successful artists in the world and gives the world of Reading Fest a different genre of headliner. However, it was a safe bet. After his 2015 performance, it was certain he was going to go down a storm. But come on Reading, branch out a little. How many years have Corteeners played for goodness sake? And the same with Skepta, there’s only so many times you can sing ‘That’s not me’ before it gets a bit tedious.


The main appeal with Citadel is that it showcases artists which aren’t regulars at every other festival in the season. This is highlighted in the excellent headline choice: Tame Impala. Not only is it a UK exclusive but it feels like they haven’t done the classic UK festival circuit before, so it makes their performance a little more treasured. Another UK exclusive is Goat, a truly mesmerising band which any festival would be lucky to have. Other acts that caught my eye were Leon Bridges, a delicious soul singer perfect for a sunny day, and HONNE who will get you grooving. This day festival really packs a punch, and I’m eager to see the next release of artists.


Boardmasters occurs in the height of summer overlooking the beautiful Cornish beaches but is main competitor for Boomtown as they both fall on the same weekend. Boardmasters always deliviers with strong headliners – this years highlight being Catfish and The Bottlemen. Catfish give a fierce performance which has a hint of nostalgia, similar to the days of peak time Oasis – absolutely just giving all you’ve got to give a stellar performance and not really caring about anything else apart from that moment. But the only reason I’m not raving about this line-up is for a similar reason to Reading, I feel like it’s a bit samey. It doesn’t wow me that Years and Years are on the lineup, similarly with Everything Everything. I understand that obviously bands have to return to festivals, and I love it when they do, just there needs to be a new wave of acts hitting the festival lineups, and I don’t think Boardmasters really delivers that this year.

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