The What, Who and Where of Indie: Does it all sound the same?

Indie music gets a bad rep. With bands consisting of four 20-something year olds with much more hair than sense, playing slightly shitty guitar with the same generic ‘indie’ vocal plastered on top. Yes, don’t get me wrong this is an accurate representation of many many bands, but the music industry is also blessed with some complete gems.

There’s such a wide variety of indie bands to select from, you’re almost spoilt for choice.

The ‘It’s Always Summer’ Circa Wave Vibe

This is probably the most stereotypical version of indie – most of the bands have ‘that’ vocal, and the clean guitars playing sing-a-long riffs. That all being said, this is the music that electrifies crowds, solidifies bromances and causes throats to be so raw from screaming the words that a good old Lemsip is needed the morning after. There’s something anthemic about it. It’s music that makes you want to have BBQ on the beach regardless of the weather.

Who else can I listen to?
The Hunna, Paris Youth Foundation, High Tyde, Viola Beach & The Sherlocks.

The Gallagher Wannabe

If you’re the lead singer in a kickin’ band then 9 times out of 10, you are gonna be a dick. Or at least act like one. We’ve all witnessed the expansion in Alex Turner’s ego over the past decade, and a new generation of bands are inventing themselves to mirror his too cool for school demeanour. Having slurred vocals, and often putting on an accent to mimic king of cool Liam, this style of indie definitely takes looks and style into consideration. At least though we see the introduction of heavier overdriven guitars plastered in reverb and some slower sexier tracks.

Who else can I listen to?
Miles Kane, Blossoms, Catfish and the Bottlemen & Palma Violets.

The Bedroom Producer

Back in the day ‘indie’ music was the term used to describe music being released independently, and over the years as that style of underground music has come into the mainstream the term ‘indie’ is now a little bit meaningless. It’s now more of a genre rather than an ethos. However a new generation of kids have just popped out. Artists who have been mucking around recording stuff in their bedrooms whilst growing up, so now have absolute zero problems in just whacking out a polished production masterpiece. Then due to the world of the internet can successfully distribute – they don’t even have to say another word to another human being if they don’t want to. The indie singer-songwriters of today’s generation seem to all love their extended harmonies, their jazz influences and solemn beautiful vocals.

Who else can I listen to? 
Rex Orange County, Gus Dapperton, Tom Misch, Yellow Days & Puma Blue.

A Whole Lot of Everything Else

It’s near on impossible to even try to categorise all the different styles and sub-genres of the whole indie family. But here’s a little guide to find a band which suits your mood:

If you're feeling a little bit funky: Peace

If you're feeling like you wanna cry: Blaenavon

If you're feeling like you wanna sing along: The Magic Gang

If you're feeling a little bit sexy: Blood Orange

If you're feeling angry: Abattoir Blues

If you're feeling like you wanna zone out: Jaws

Indie music may not have the most complicated bass lines and it might repeat a chorus one too many times, but essentially it is the music of the people. Every lyric is meticulously picked to ensure whole crowds can relate to their music and simply have a good time. And that’s why I fucking love it.

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