Top Tips: The Best Ways To Find New Music?

Always feel like you’re behind in the music world? Only just discovering who Michael Jackson or Nirvana are? Always being mocked for not knowing ‘this really great band’? Only ever listen to music that the majority of the population is deeming excellent? Then these top tips are for you. Amaze your friends with your impeccable knowledge of underground bands and become the ultimate hipster.


Spotify is by far the easiest way to find music similar to music you already love. Of all the music sharing sites, Spotify has nailed the features to find new music. The simplest way to find a new band, is to listen to band you already know then look at the ‘Related Artists’ tab, and there you go, a whole new list of music. Even without a paid subscription Spotify provides you with ‘Your Daily Mix’ – an infinite playlist dedicated around music you frequently listen to plus some other extra goodies that you are sure to love. And finally, ‘Artist Radio’ – a similar playlist but this time based on a particular artist.

Or you simply hit the ‘New Releases’ tab – see what music is new across the whole of Spotify.




Obviously radio is the home to music – there are so many radio stations dedicated solely for the purpose of discovering and promoting up and coming artists. BBC Introducing is a great place to start – local radio stations showcasing the unsigned talent in your area. Annie Mac, on BBC Radio 1 at 7:00pm every weekday, shoots the Hottest Record in the world out – straight away you a have a whole collection of new tracks to listen to by simply switching on the radio.

However, the radio stations you hear about every day are not the only option. Internet Radio is way of hearing music on the move, and hear the perspectives and interests of different radio presenters who you may have never heard of.

The top 3 internet radio stations we recommend:

 1) KEXP – based in Seattle this station is at the forefront of Indie music in America and further afield. With their infamous KEXP live sessions published on their youtube channel – this is a well respected station that  any artist would be happy to be a part of.

Discover KEXP here: 

2) DKFM – the station dedicated to all things shoegaze. For those hazy days when all you need is tunes coated in reverb.

Discover DKFM here:

3) Oui FM – a radio station based in France. Playing old and new indie and rock – as well as enlightening us with up and coming French bands.

Discover Oui FM here:

Blogs and Online Magazines

Not everyone these days is keen on the idea of venturing outside to the newsagent to see if they’ve got the latest rock and roll magazine. Especially with many brands pushing more money into their online facilities, why leave your bed when you have access to everything you could possibly need right from your laptop?

Music blogs and online magazines do all the hard work for you – they’ve literally collated all the new music you could want and organised it in a beautiful package topped with nice branding and interesting opinions.

Some of our favourite blogs and magazines (other than Wanda’s Tracks of course):



It’s a fact that not everyone can really be arsed to fish through a music blog all the time just to put on some music whilst they get on with their daily jobs. There’s a whole community of YouTube channels that supply live sessions with up and coming artists – just chuck on a video playlist and you’re good to go.

Burberry Acoustic:

Vevo dscvr:

Mahogany Sessions:

Yala! Sessions:


Gigs and Concerts

Dingus Kahn live @ Heaven (Photograph by Paul Hudson)

In celebration of Independent Venue Week why not head down to the random local music venue you’ve never really given a second thought to and see what music is on. You never know, you might have a hidden gem of a musician in your town. Next time your mate asks you to come down and see his band, why not go? Chances are it’s probably going to be evening filled with good music and beers.

Show up early to a gig to catch the support – there’s a reason that a particular band are supporting – probably because they’ve got something about them and they could be the ones headlining soon.

Why not go to gigs though? If anything its an excuse to have fun with your friends, whilst experiencing the live music scene.

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